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About Us

My Bijoux Toronto was founded in 2021 with the philosophy that jewelry represents so much more than an accessory. 

Jewelry tells stories, evokes emotions, enables people to express themselves, and connects us together.

Throughout time, no matter what culture or part of the world someone is from - jewelry has always held a special significance; a commonality that allowed us to express ourselves.

However, recently it seems that jewelry has lost its original ambiance and with real gold and diamonds getting more and more expensive, non eco-friendly jewelry has taken over. Usually made with erodible metals, which tarnish quickly and end up in the landfill.  

My Bijoux Toronto aspires to revive the true essence of jewelry but with a modern twist, to allow people everywhere to thrive and express themselves. We want to provide daily wear gold and diamonds that last longer. We want people to use jewelry as a tool to tell stories. No matter your background, style, or walk of life - we want everyone to unite through our common passion for jewelry and ...